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About Me

     I have spent my entire adult working life helping  people realize their life goals, first as a family law attorney and mediator, and then, for the past ten years, as a clinical psychologist. I am most happy and fulfilled when I am able to help others. Sometimes this is helping patients understand and heal from such illnesses as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, binge eating disorder, body image disturbance, trauma, and PTSD. Sometimes it is helping people move more easily through various relationship conflicts, whether at work or at home.  Sometimes it is helping people figure out their next step toward fulfilling their human potential and desires.


     Whatever kind of help you are seeking, my goal is either to offer you the help that you wish or, if I am unable to help you myself,  to point you in a ​direction that will serve your needs.


     I am a licensed clinical psychologist, which means that I am bound by professional ethics to use only methods to help you that research has shown really work. A clinical psychologist is different from a master's level therapist by the more rigorous educational and research standards we are required to meet. A psychologist is different from a psychiatrist as well. Whereas psychiatrists have a medical degree and can prescribe medications, clinical psychologists do not prescribe medications, but are specifically trained in the clinical techniques that have been shown to help patients achieve healing and growth. Psychologists often work in conjunction with psychiatrists when medication is needed.


     Find out more about both the psychotherapy services and the life coaching services I offer by clicking Services Page.


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